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Piston Check Valves

The piston check valves (also known as lift check valves)comprise of a plug which is lifted by upstream pressure and returned onto its seats by gravity/higher downstream pressure to stop the back flow.

We offer OMB/Vogt piston check valves for various industrial applications incl. cryogenics where no slamming is required. OMB standard design are forged acc. to API 602/ ISO 15761 and are supplied with spring making their installation possible in vertical and horizontal directions.

Size range
1/4" - 2" / DN 8- DN50
Pressure rating
150lb-2500lb / PN25-PN420
Design temperature
-196C to +538C / -320F to + 100
Carbon, Alloy and Stainless steel, Duplex and Super duplex, 254SMO, other special alloys
  • Full and reduced bore
  • Obturator with soft sealing system (PCTFE)
  • Obturator sealing system Metal to Metal, upon request

We can offer lift check valves in all body styles such as:

  • Double Flanged (DF)
  • Butt-Welded (BW)
  • Threaded

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