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About us

Helinor in short

Helinor Valves AS is a key supplier of valves and accessories to meet critical specifications in Marine and LNG market, Oil and Gas both Onshore and Offshore and many other industries.

Established in 2012, but we have over 35 years of industry experience in valves. Helinor has grown so rapidly since start and now is a market leader in supplying valves and flow solutions in Marine and Oil &Gas market in Europe. Having the focus on long-term relationships with most reputable and finest valve makers around the world, proximity to customers and continuous improvement in all areas of our business, have made us a reliable supplier through the years.

We have a senior profile and strong bounds with our suppliers to assure high quality products meeting various requirements of customers along with extensive technical support, strong product range and high delivery capacity. 

Being partner with makers who are approved vendor by majority of globally recognized companies within energy sector, Helinor can draw a lot of attention to be selected supplier for all project sizes and complexities.

              We own the entire pipeline from initial contact to final documentation...